The term bride appears in combination with many  words, some of which are obsolete.The”bridegroom”  is a newly married man, and “bride-  bell,” “bride-banquet” are old equivalents of  wedding-bells, wedding-breakfast. “Bridal”  (from Bride-ale), originally the wedding-feast itself,  has grown into a general descriptive adjective,  the bridal ceremony. The bride-cake had its origin in  the Roman confarreatio, an upper-class form of  marriage, the essential features of whose ceremony  were the eating by the couple of a cake made of salt,  water and spelt flour, and the holding by the bride  of three wheat-ears, a symbol of plenty.

In Christianity, bride, the Lamb’s wife, or the Bride of Christ, is a term that generally describes the Church (followers of Christ) spiritually betrothed to Jesus Christ. The term is found in related verses in the Bible that describe a woman, in the Gospels, the Book of Revelation, the Epistles and related verses in the Old Testament. Sometimes, the Bride is implied by calling Jesus a Bridegroom to the Church. For over 1500 years, the Church was identified as the bride betrothed to Christ. However, there are instances of the interpretation of the usage of varying from church to church. Most believe that it always refers to the church.